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This blog is dedicated to the dusty treasures that are found in Grandma's attic or basement. Also to the Packrats that never threw anything away and then kicked the bucket and left all these goodies for me to buy for cheap. But most of all it is dedicated to the "Indiana Jones" that lives inside all of us collectors seeking those dusty treasures out. Welcome To The Vintage View.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello Everyone, I know it's been like 100 yrs since I last posted. I have been so incredibly busy with other stuff, I havent had time to even say the word blog, much less post to one. Ah, well I can only post when I can right?

Well I have been working on my website for weeks and weeks..I think I finally have it the way I want it. Dont get me wrong, I still have lots to do, but at least its functional now. I dont think the average websurfer realizes how much time and effort goes into building a good website. I mean it isnt just listing stuff to sell. There is so much to creating and maintaning a good site, that it isnt even funny. You have to write descriptions and research the items and then there's advertising and keywords and on and on and on...good lawd! dont even get me started on that!. There's just a million things you have to do a million times over it seems.

Anyway, this store is by far the best I have ever put together and I have had more sales from it already than any of the others I have had in the past put together. I would like you all to check it out and leave your comments about it. You will see the Comments link on the left, once your on the site. Click here " Wittle Bills " to go to the site.

Well, I have another tip for you that you may not have been aware of. Your collecting and selling stuff all the time right? The stuff your not selling goes into your yardsale pile and the stuff that didnt sell at your yardsale, your just giving away free or throwing away. Well, you can take all the left over merchandise and haul it on down to the Salvation Army or the GoodWill Store and give it to them. Only, dont just drop it off. Go inside and tell them you would like to get a reciept for your donation. They can give you a reciept up to a certain amount and if you are able to itemize on your tax returns, you can write off the donation amount on your taxes. So in a way, you still get paid for your items.

Well, thats all I have for now. Dont forget to check out the store and tell me what you think of it. Till next time, you treasure seeker!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hello again everyone, It's been a little bit since my last post because I have been super busy. I opened a new store and it has takin much of my time. Check it out, Im very pleased with it.( Wittle Bill's ) Anyway, Here's the buzz around the collectible community. California pottery is starting to get hot, hot , hot. The older stuff, like from the 50s. I am sad because I have a few pieces of california pottery but they are later pieces. I guess I should have bought that stuff up when it was worthless.....Who knew? was so plentiful there wasn't much of a market for it. Here's another scoop for you too. If you dont have a Google Checkout account, you might want to get one now. Google Checkout is going to be the top competitor for ebay's Paypal. Many online retailers are going to start implementing Google Checkout into their websites. I have no doubts that Google Checkout is going to grow by leaps and bounds very soon. Its also cheaper for sellers to use it than to use Paypal...with a 2% final fee and 20 cent transaction fee. Setting it up can be a little daunting but you will figure it our eventually. Well, Im a little busy so I will try to post more later. In the mean time, happy hunting you treasure seekers!

Monday, June 26, 2006

I would like to share a few tips and tricks I have picked up on over the last few years with others out there in Vintage Land who buy and sell vintage collectibles like I do. It never hurts to share what you have learned. Naturally you want to get it cheap and sell it for a bunch right? Here are a few things I have learned through trial an error that have helped me plenty.

First the tips:

Tip #1. When you go to auction, wait around till it is over. There will usually be some people going through the lots they bought and getting the stuff they want out of it. 99% of the time they will offer to sell you everything left for next to nothing...i mean like 5 or 10 bucks. Or they will just tell you you can have whatever is left and some people just leave it and say nothing.
Whoever is running the auction will tell you that you can have it and most times gripe about them leaving it Most of the time they will leave tons of sellable items behind...they dont want to have to haul it away so your doing them a favor as well by taking it.

I do this at every auction I attend. I will usually buy maybe 2 lots myself of good sellable items but by the time I get home the trunk and back seat are stacked...sometimes I even have to make two trips...Im not kidding. I take out the ebay sellable items and the rest either goes into a yardsale pile or in the trash. Whatever I dont sell on ebay goes in the yardsale pile as well. The last yardsale I had I made over 200 bucks...and this was mostly on these items that I paid maybe a total of 30 bucks for..and this is not counting what I sold on ebay out of them. Whatever doesnt sell at the yardsale give it away free or throw it in the trash...if you dont, your house will start to look like sanford and sons.

Tip #2. When you go yardsailing, dont be shy. You see something you think might be sellable but you arent sure and you think to yourself, what if it isnt sellable, maybe I should pass. It probably has a sticker on it for 10, 25 or 50 it!. Its 50 cents, its not going to break you if it does not sell. The very worst thing thats gonna happen is its going to end up in your yardsale pile or youll give it to a friend or the salvation army or something. If you bought 20 of these 50 cent unsure about items you will have only spent 10 bucks. There's a good chance that a couple of them will bring you much more than 10 bucks on ebay.

I once almost passed up a model of the titanic for this very reason..I wasnt sure it would sell and they wanted 2 dollars for it...I passed on it, but right at the last moment I said to myself ..what the hell and went ahead and bought it....I posted it on ebay the following sunday and sold it for 42 bucks. Needless to say, I never pass on items I can get for cheap anymore. Sell or no sell.

Tip #3. Wait ! wait! wait!, If your at a dealers stand and you find something you want, Dont just buy it unless its a steal. If it has a price on it, say for instance 10 bucks, ask the dealer if this is the lowest they will take for it. Many times they will say, I will knock off a couple of bucks. This means he actually wanted 8 for it in the first place. Now you say, hmmm will you take 6 for it? If they dont take your offer, just set it back down and wait around a few minutes. Many times when your getting ready to walk away, they will agree to your price. If not and you think 8 is fair enough go to another booth or something for a bit and look around. Then come back. Again he may agree to your price, he doesnt wanna lose you twice in one day...if he never offers to sell for your price then he must have near that much invested in it and he isnt going to budge so go ahead and pay the 8.

If it doesnt have a price on it theres usually a reason why. Ask them what they want for it..they will normally hit you with way to high a price first. After they tell you the price, just say oh! and quickly put the item back down on the table. Then, look at other stuff and wait. If you have a friend or relative with you, make sure the dealer can hear you, and tell your partner something like Man, I really wanted that, but not for that much. They will usually wait until you are fixing to walk away from their booth to hit you with a new lower price or they will ask you what your willing to give them for it. Be as fair as you can be and still keep it cheap. I mean you have to make a profit or its pointless right?. Many times they will agree to your price..they would rather sell it and make a minimal profit than to have it sit there and collect dust for another week.

Now for the tricks!

Trick #1. If you have a cell phone, and someone willing to lend you a hand. Have them sit by the computer while you go out yardsailing or out to auction or dealers market. When you run across marked items ( Items with makers mark or dates) or items with a little higher price tag. Use your cell phone to call your helper and give them the info on the item so they can research it right then and there and find out its actual value or if its a sellable item. Me and my better half do this almost every weekend and it saves me money and time.

Trick #2. Set yourself up a free ecommerce store where you can list your items for the price you want for them and park them until they become hot on ebay. Alot of items you will find will be sellable, but for the time being there are too many people selling the same item and driving the value down. You can hold onto these type items and wait till they start selling well and throw them on ebay when they get hot and at the same time still have a chance for a sale on the item through your store. Plus you can put links to your present auctions right on the front page of your ecommerce store and get a few more lookers for your items. I get alot of auction winners that tell me they saw my ebay advertisement on my store for the item they purchased. Also run free classified ads for your ebay items but give your store address as the location of the item. There are literally thousands of free classified ad sites. When they visit your store they will see your ad for ebay and that will bring even more prospects to your items and store.

Trick #3. Watch and wait. Watch the items you have in your posession on ebay....when a seller has the same item you have and it has multiple bids on it..wait till their auction is closing to an end, say 4 hrs before it ends, and throw yours up there with a buy it now price of just a little under what they are going for. You can look at completed auctions to find out what they are getting. The losers of the auction that just ended are going to be searching for another one just like the one they just got outbid on. And your going to sell yours immediately for almost whats its going for anyway. Plus they will see yours is just a little lower in price then what they were willing to pay.

I have done this little trick too many times to count. Just recently I did this on a used handheld scrabble game. The new games were fetching around 45 dollars and the used ones were getting around 25 to 30 dollars and of course all the sellers were trying to get the max on their used ones with bidding wars. I threw my used one up there for 40 bucks, buy it now, and it sold in less than 10 minutes. The guy that bought it even emailed me that it was just what he was looking for because he didnt want to have to bid on it. I have done this little trick many many times, usually with great success. If you dont get any buyers in the first 10 to 12 hrs...then change it to an auction style listing and get your money back for the buy it now listing.

I will post more tips and tricks throughout this blog. I think these 6 will do for now. Happy hunting!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I think I have the ebay listing sales figured out. They either have a 10 cent listing sale or a 20 cent listing sale or a sub category and template etc. sale around every 7th or 8th of the month. At least this seems to be their pattern. Anyway, In case you all didnt know, Old TV Guides are starting to get really hot. Its all over the collectible community and the newsletters I get. It's the cover pictures of famous actors that people want. Im in heaven right now because I have over 50 vintage TV Guides. Some of them are rare too. So im going to wait till the next listing sale on ebay and throw them all up there at once.

I use Free Auctiva for my auctions, so all I have to worry about in cost is the insertion fee (hopefully the 10 cent sale) and the gallery picture ( a must have) that means each TV Guide will cost me 45 cents to list. That beats the hell outta my normal 70 cents per listing..WooHoooo!. Some people might say why do you need a gallery pic Dusty? Well let me tell ya, its worth the 35 cents you pay to have it because there are a whole lotta people that wont even bother to look at a listing that doesnt have a gallery pic..myself included. My better half is the same way, she wont click on a listing that doesnt have a gallery pic.

Well, I better get busy I have to get the listings done for this weeks auction by sunday morning and I havent even tipped the iceberg. Happy hunting you treasure seekers! till next time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vintage collectibles, man o man you would not believe how many boxes and tubs of them I have. Stacked to the ceiling in every room, in every corner. I sell collectibles on ebay as im sure most of us treasure seekers do. If I died tomorrow, there would be some happy treasure seekers in my town because they would have a big ole sale and get all this junk for cheap.

I have an online site for selling certain items that I dont want to put on ebay yet. Why?, Because I would never get what they are actually worth, well, YET! anyway. Sooner or later though some of these items get on a hot streak and everyone will want one and are willing to pay unbelievable amounts to get them. It just takes time and word of mouth to get around the collectible community. I spend alot of my days searching and researching items that I have in those boxes and tubs I mentioned.

Nearly everyweek I find something I have, that previously wasnt selling, that has now become a hot collectible. Here's a link to my store if you wanna check it out. Cheap Street Online At least I have real collectibles on my site. Nothing ticks me off more than when I see some link on a web site like, Bobs collectibles and I click on it and what do I see? A bunch of cheap ass crap made in Hong Kong made to look pretty. On top of that Bob wants $20 bucks for something I can get at Dollar General for a buck fifty. Do people really buy this garbage for 20 bucks? If they do, then I am in the wrong business....get Hong Kong on the phone!

Vintage, what is vintage? What does it mean? The word vintage has many meanings, most of them pertaining to old wine or grapes. However, in our modern day society it simply means: No longer fashionable or modern. But most people dont view it that way. We think of vintage as something old that is maybe rare or hard to come by. So maybe you were wondering why you see so many people selling items on ebay and other places from say 1992 and calling it vintage. Well if its no longer fashionable or modern, then it really is vintage in the true sense of the meaning. Now that we have that straightened out, I can talk about the good stuff, The junk!